Hell’s Front Porch

It’s official, Susannah’s Watch B&B has finally opened! Kind of. COVID is still lingering, so we decided to open at 50% capacity for as long as it takes to keep our guests comfortable, and safe. So far, so good! In the first few weeks we had a couple casualties, broken tiles, trashed towels, and a leak in the tub. Mostly all fixed, and guests are steadily booking weekend trips and leaving great reviews so far. Two things we have learned in these first weeks: 1) don’t run out of croissants, and 2) we need another AC vent upstairs.

I saw a meme recently that described Maryland weather. Hell’s Front Porch sounds about right. It’s HOT.

Doesn’t your chicken have a swing and a water view?

Some new additions to our farming endeavors! We ordered a chicken tractor (coop on wheels) and picked up a variety of 12 chicks at Tractor Supply. We are at 11 now, we had one we named “Sleepy” who didn’t make it into the automatic coop door last call one night. She fell asleep behind the tire inside of the run, and a fox dug under and got to her. It was super sad… but we have since reinforced with more wire to prevent future intrusions. We do have a suspected rooster in the mix, time will tell for that. They are still growing their adult chicken feathers and hopefully we will have eggs soon!

It’s been a bumper crop year for tomatoes and crabs! The rabbits ate almost everything else in the garden, next year it’s raised beds and guard towers with lasers.

We had tropical storm blow through a few weeks ago, a lightning strike hit the plumb tree! That was pretty exciting, since the county said we couldn’t cut down any trees (Photo for evidence). Ivan is tormented daily by squirrels, he is started reading up on how to train the chickens to attack the squirrels. Ivan is a good boy.

That’s about it for the August updates!

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