A Tuesday Morning Trip to Zimmerman’s

Zimmerman’s is our local Amish greenhouse supply store. A fun place to go any day, but on this particular Tuesday, it was SUPER fun. What could be so amazing about a trip to get some pots and vermiculite you ask? When we turned down the dirt road to Zimmerman’s, we see a sign for “Sheltie Pups.” We just got a new Corgi puppy a few months ago, we are as max capacity on puppy.

Our new pup, Henrietta (Henri), has fit right into the pack. She loves to shred junk mail, and shoes, and especially those plastic tips on shoelaces.

Our daughter Shelby came home for a quick weekend away from college to see us (to see Henri) just this last weekend. Henri adores Shelby.

So there we were at Zimmerman’s… I make my order for greenhouse supplies, and ask where the pups are. Mr. Zimmerman pointed to a big greenhouse, and before I could tell Jeff, he was already on his way. I caught up with Jeff inside the greenhouse where there were tiny little Sheltie pups running around under the work tables filled with sprouting flower seedlings. We were told there was only one pup left, and one of the Zimmerman boys placed her in my arms. So soft and cute! We don’t need another puppy! I hand her over to Jeff…

I’d like to introduce you to our new Sheltie puppy Lisi (pronounced Lizzie) which is short for Lisianthus. I’ve been trying to germinate some Lisianthus for weeks unsuccessfully, which is why we went to Zimmerman’s to get more supplies!

Jeff and the always cold Lisi

Lisi is super sweet, she has long legs, soft fluff, and was terrified the first night being sniffed from top to bottom by Squid, Ivan, and Henri. She settled in by bedtime, went to sleep in her crate next to Henri and slept all night. By morning she was coming out of her shell a little and playing with with the “pack of twits” as Jeff fondly calls them. Four dogs, that’s a lot of dogs! Also a lot of fun, and laughs, and shedding, and shredding of paper, and love.

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