Signs of Spring

At last, we have a day with no ice, wind, rain, snow, and the sun is out! We have been waiting for this glorious sunny day for a long while, and it’s beautiful out. Big things going on at the Dixon Family Farm this week.

My little greenhouse is at max capacity with germinating flowers for this summer. Pictured above are Giant Pansies, Stock, Candeluna, Lavender, Sweet Peas, and Nasturtium. Last Frost this year is April 15, that’s when I get to plant these in the field. The tender plants will go in the big hoop house protected from the weather, and the critters that like to eat flowers.

The elusive Lisianthus seedling. Please don’t die.

After many attempts, I finally germinated some Lisianthus! This tiny little start is from a January germination. They are slow to get growing, but gorgeous when they bloom.

Our other Lisianthus (Lisi) is also growing, and fitting in with the family quite nicely.

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