Latest News from the Farm

  • Our First Farm Product

    Our First Farm Product

    Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup We started with a test batch using a Tobacco Barn Distillery freshly dumped bourbon barrel, and a plan cooked up by our friend Scott Sanders, also known as “the Admiral”, at the Tobacco Barn Distillery. The Admiral had a connection for 100% pure maple syrup from a farmer in New…

What’s Growing on the Farm?

Cut Flowers

Our first year growing cut flowers! This is a dream come true, spending the day digging in the soil surrounded by blooms. I went a little crazy during the cold COVID winter months looking at seeds to buy.

Market Bouquets

UPDATE: We are out of summer flowers! Planting more now (September) and will post here when they are available again!

We currently deliver weekly bouquets to several Southern Maryland local businesses, and have set up buckets of fresh flowers for sale at the following locations:

  • Spice Studio, Leonardtown
  • No Thyme to Cook, Solomon’s Island
  • Port of Leonardtown, Leonardtown (coming soon)

Market Bouquets and Mason Jar Bouquets can be ordered ahead in our Farm Store

What’s Blooming

We are currently germinating and growing the following in our greenhouse, and in the field:

BasilPansy (Giant)
Bee BalmPeony
Bells of IrelandPersian Cress
Bleeding HeartsPetunia
CosmosRussian Sage
Dill (Ammi)Scabiosa
Dusty MillerShiso
HeatherSunflowers (15,000!)
HostaSweet Pea
Lily of the Valley
Lemon Balm

Wine Grapes

The vines are in! After two years of soil prep and nematode eradication, we planted 500 baby grape vines in the spring of 2021.

Grape Varieties

  • Chardonel (White)
  • Arandell (Red) A new hybrid that is designed for flavor and disease resistance


Our test field of lavender is in and growing! In Spring and Summer 2021 we planted over 500 lavender plugs that have done very well, and will be blooming next year from late May through July.

The varieties that thrive this year will be propagated over the winter, and planted en masse the spring of 2022.

Lavender Varieties

Varieties we are testing this summer include:

  • Richard Gray
  • Grosso
  • Provence
  • Phenomenal
  • Gross Bleu
  • Sensational

Honey Bees

The bee hives on our farm are belong to The Birds & Bees Apiary, our local bee experts! Happy, healthy, sustainable bees is their motto. They are committed to producing healthy, quality bees and teaching others to do the same.