Meet our Team

A farm wouldn’t be a farm without a these characters.

Shelby Miller

Farm Maintenance Engineer, Assistant Hospitality Coordinator

Shelby is our amazingly helpful daughter who attends college in Virginia, and comes home to the farm often to give us a much needed hand. During the summers she is here weekly to help fill the water tanks, work in the lavender fields, and help flip the rooms at the B&B between guests.

The Landscape Maintenance Team hard at work


Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge April 2020

Buddy is our geriatric, world traveled, former show Collie who spends his days looking after his flock, and napping. Buddy enjoys dinner, napping, hugs, treats, and the two little dogs. When the little dogs start to play, he stands in between them and stops all of the nonsense. We call him “The Sheriff.”

Update April 2020

We woke up on morning in June and Buddy was not ok. We think he had a stroke overnight, and he could no longer walk or see, or recognize us. We rushed him to the emergency vet. There was nothing that could be done to make him better, and we had to say goodbye to our old friend. You are missed so much Buddy.


Semi-Retired Princess

Squid is the alpha dog (in his mind) In reality, he is a love-bug that prefers to be two inches from his mom, basking in the sunshine, or napping on his pillow. His favorite activity is barking in my face at 6am because it’s time to chase the squirrels off the deck and eat breakfast.


Reduced work schedule/Tries Really Hard

Ivan has some anxiety issues he is working on. He likes to chew the eyeballs out of his toys, and prefers to launch himself into flight rather than walk. He’s a good boy. Ivan allows Squid to be the boss, and has recently mastered sitting in the passenger seat of the Gator for rides on the farm. Ivan makes being a dog look like the best thing ever.

Henrietta (Henri)

In-House Dog Coordinator/Herder, Ankle Biter, Morale Booster

New to the team is Henrietta (Henri) the Corgi! She is a petite tank, and has taken the position as chief paper shredder. She enjoys removing Squid’s old man cardigan, and hanging off Ivan’s moustache. Read our blog post about Henri here.

Lisianthus (Lisi)

Trouble Maker, Shoe Chewer, Stealthy Carpet Pooper, Chatterbox

Lisi is the best thing we never planned! I wrote a blog post about how we acquired her here. She is a Sheltie pup with long legs, a super cute yap, and keeps Henri very busy. Lisi and Henri run circles around the house and has been diverting Henri’s attention away from tormenting the older dogs. She’s growing fast, and reminds us of our old man Buddy who we lost last year.

The Girls

Egg Production Team

We started with 12, but we have experienced a three losses sadly. This is the Ambassador, she is the first to greet us, and the most friendly out of the bunch. They very much enjoy the leftover fruit from the B&B guests. Grace prefers blueberries, and they rest can’t get enough chopped cantaloupe.

Southdown Babydoll Sheep

Our small herd of sheep come from Tiny Seed Farm in Northwest Maryland. Lucy, Jolene, Daniel and Penny are getting settled in the new pasture. Follow us on IG for cute sheep pics! @dixon_family_farm

This is Rusty, the 8 year old gelding with long flowing locks.