Meet our Team

A farm wouldn’t be a farm without a these characters.



Buddy is our geriatric, world traveled, former show Collie who spends his days looking after his flock, and napping. Buddy enjoys dinner, napping, hugs, treats, and the two little dogs. When the little dogs start to play, he stands in between them and stops all of the nonsense. We call him “The Sheriff.”


Semi-Retired Princess

Squid is the alpha dog (in his mind) In reality, he is a love-bug that prefers to be two inches from his mom, basking in the sunshine, or napping on his pillow. Squiddy is getting on in years, but still has energetic spurts of puppy still. He likes to yell at me when it’s time for dinner, or bark and run away because I’ve been working at my laptop too long.


Reduced work schedule/Tries Really Hard

Ivan has some anxiety issues he is working on. He likes to chew the eyeballs out of his toys, and prefers to launch himself into flight rather than walk. He’s a good boy.

UPDATE: Recent back issues have grounded Ivan from flight off of the top steps into the yard, but we hope to get him rehabilitated and flying again soon.