About Us

The current care-takers and owners of the Dixon Family Farm are Jeff and Claudinne Miller. Jeff’s mom’s maiden name was Dixon, and the house and farm have been in the family for generations. Read about the amazing history on our B&B website here.

Jeff and Claudinne were working and living in Europe when Jeff’s mother passed away in April 2017, just three years and one day after Jeff’s father suddenly passed away. We traveled back and forth from Germany to the farmhouse in Southern Maryland trying to maintain the property. The family farmhouse had a hole in the roof, and rain was pouring into large pots we left in place on the occasional trip we made home. The farm and barn were being swallowed up by vines, trees, and weeds without anyone there to tend to the land. We had planned on moving to Italy after Germany to continue working and enjoying the amazing adventures Europe had to offer. Plans changed.

The decision came after a night with our friends on our rooftop, we were drinking gin ,and serenading our German neighbors to Kenny Chesney songs. More about that night in a blog post here.

In October 2019 it was time to move back to the States, and dive head first into a new adventure; farming and inn-keeping. I was literally Googling “how to be a farmer” on the plane headed to Maryland. Jeff has a Ph.d, and 23 years in the USMC. In his current job he responds to international disasters for USAID/OFDA. Claudinne does research for the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Global Center for Health Security. Jeff and Claudinne’s qualifications for farming include several Google searches, and binging on Jeremy Clarkson’s Farm series on Amazon… this should be easy, right? Follow our adventures on our Farm Blog

About our farm made lavender products

We grow lavender, cut flowers, herbs, a few vegetables, and wine grapes on the farm. Over the last year we have developed a line of farm made products from the lavender and botanicals we grow! Every one of our products has at least one (often more) ingredient what we produce right here on the farm.

There are lots of bath and body products and soap makers out there, but we take great pride in using our farm grown and steam distilled lavender essential oils, eucalyptus oils, honey and beeswax from our hives, and botanicals we grow in every product.

We are excited to add new products for 2023! Lavender Ice Cream, Maple Bourbon Pecan Ice Cream and much more! Make sure to follow us on Instagram for events, announcements, and my #soapfails.