We Bought the Farm

There we were, living and working in Germany and enjoying an evening on the roof top with our dear friends, Kim and Kevin Reid. There was Gin involved.

We had been showing the Reid’s the real estate listing for Aunt Joan’s home and adjoining farm for months… hoping we could be neighbours forever after our time in Germany ends. Kim asks, “why don’t YOU buy the farm?” I look too Jeff… “why don’t we buy the farm?”

After a few phone calls to Aunt Joan and cousin Kristi, we decided to buy the farm!

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  1. Outstanding blog Claudinne & Jeff, quite a remarkable story, love the roof top in Germany with Gin twist to it.. It is a fitting Seat for a Marine Corps Officer, (Ret.), one you both are in fine command of. Am truly honored to be featured on the blog, although it looks like I was chattering in full motion there, I was simply over come with the excitement of another Phoenix in So.Md.!

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