Tom’s Vineyard

Tom and Carol Miller loved wine. Tom loved wine so much he became a wine sommelier and had a business in his retirement years leading tours to Europe visiting wineries and shipping many cases of what he listed on label as “fruit preserves” (wine) back to their home in Maryland. I never had the chance to meet Tom, he left this world way too soon. Carol was heart-broken, and died three years and one day after Tom passed. We will pick up where they left off with the family home and farm, and try our best to take very good care of both.

Tom left behind an extraordinary wine collection, and apparently another surprise Jeff recently found on a recent trip to the farm. Jeff was clearing some trees that had fallen in a recent storm on the farm and discovered some wild grapes growing in the area where Tom had planned to plant a vineyard one day. Interestingly, we had just decided to plant a vineyard on the farm after we clear years of overgrown trees and brush that swallowed up the dairy barns. I would like to think of this wild grape discovery a sign from Tom that planting a vineyard is exactly the right way to go. The move back home is just a couple weeks away, we are so excited to get going on this new adventure!

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