Extreme Farming

We tend to jump into the deep end when embarking on new adventures, and farming is no different. When we moved back to the States from living overseas, I was literally Googling “how to be a farmer” on the flight to Maryland. We got the B&B up and running in 2020, and this year is all about the farm. We had the plan for a vineyard all along, but we added a few more items to the list because… why not?

Our friends Kim and Kevin Reid traveled from Colorado to help us on the farm! That’s Kevin on the water tower. Two varieties of lavender are growing in the foreground, Phenomenal and Grosso.
Kim and I had important business to tend to at the local winery while the guys worked.
Started dropping off weekly bouquets to local businesses in St. Mary’s County
That time Jeff ran over a header hose with the bush hog. If you’ve heard the term “wrapped around the axle” before, this is what it looks like.

“COVID sucks, I want to grow thousands of cut flowers. “And lavender, how about a huge field of lavender like we saw in France? How about getting a still and making lavender products!” This was our conversation through the COVID winter of 2020.

Here we are in late June of 2021, and we have a big greenhouse full of gorgeous blooms, several rows of cut flowers in the field, and nearly 500 baby lavender plants growing in the sunshine. I’m not sure how, but we brought all of those ideas to life in a short six months, while running the B&B and somehow squeezing in our day jobs.

Cosmos and Zinnias growing in the field
Post Pounding in the Vineyard

Raymond, Jimmy, and Jeff pound posts in the vineyard for days…

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