Worm poo, it’s a thing!

We spent a brisk Veterans Day weekend clearing brush on the farm. We put the new power tools to use mowing down brush and chipping/shredding spikey, scratchy, itchy, branches and vines. We decided to add “Worm Farmers” to the list of things we want to be when we grow up. The soil in the fields needs a nutrition boost, and the nematodes need to DIE. The answer is worm poop! Worm poop tea actually… 🐛 💩 ☕️ it’s the best organic compost and nematode destroyer there is! A test worm farm is on the way from Amazon, and we will go full scale next spring with an 8×4 foot worm composting bin. One pound of red wigglers produce about one pound of poo per day. They eat veggie scraps and paper to produce an amazing beneficial bacteria potpourri that turns dead dirt into thriving soil.

We can finally see the barn again! Restoration of the rotting wood will be taking place in the coming weeks.
The top is the “before” and bottom “after” pic of what we cleared on Sunday behind the barn.

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