Welcome to Camp COVID

Spring 2020 won’t soon be forgotten, the global pandemic that stopped the entire world in its tracks. We hunkered down at home, donned masks, washed our hands, and got to know our UPS and FedEx drivers really well. We continued working on the B&B installing fireplaces, assembling furniture, and painted miles and miles of wood trim. Our amazing designer, Kera of Chesapeake Staging & Interiors, spent countless hours with us at the B&B transforming the family home into a gorgeous place for guests.

Our old tobacco barn had been refurbished by Jeff Thompson of Colonial Woodwrights. We asked him to do the same for the stripping shed. As always, he did an amazing job! The stripping shed is now a bar for the wedding venue. A live edge slice of tree was added as the bar top, and a concrete floor was poured. The next phase is putting in grape vines and some landscaping.

Mid June I received a message from my long time friend and former boss asking if our farm and B&B might be interested in hosting a troop of Boy Scouts for a week. Troop 39 was booted from their regular summer camping spot due to COVID. We were paid a visit by an advance team of troop leaders for some reconnaissance and logistics planning. We discussed protocols for keeping the kids safe from COVID-19, and the scouts and dads arrived on the farm in early July.

I contacted St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Office and requested traffic control support for the scouts to safely cross S. Sandgates Road and launch canoes. SMSO delivered! Thank you!

The troop leaders and dads used the B&B to prepare breakfast, the kids got showers, and there was a load of laundry or two.

Thanks Troop 39 dads and troop leaders for visiting, and we hope you return next year!

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