Our First Farm Product

Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup

We started with a test batch using a Tobacco Barn Distillery freshly dumped bourbon barrel, and a plan cooked up by our friend Scott Sanders, also known as “the Admiral”, at the Tobacco Barn Distillery.

The Admiral had a connection for 100% pure maple syrup from a farmer in New Hampshire, so we ordered our first batch, consulted the maple syrup experts for best practices on how to process syrup, and got busy cooking.

We started our test batch in the Stripping Shed, but now use a commercial kitchen for production.
The syrup is heated to 190 degrees, then poured into freshly dumped bourbon barrels. The aroma of the hot syrup and bourbon is amazing!

Thanks to cousin Fred Evans, who supplied the still, and quickly acquired a few other essentials we forgot from Lucy Dixon next door, we processed and hot packed our first batch.

Pasteurizing and bottling the test batch, Shelby showed up just in time to assist!

Syrup available to purchase from our online store!

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