Lavender shoots!

Warmer temps and sunny days have provided the boost to the lavender we have been waiting for! These tiny shoots will develop into the purple blooming haze of lavender in late June.

Look who came to visit!

This is our second year in the Farmers Market scene, and we added the Mosaic Market in Fairfax VA this year! We are there every other weekend selling our lavender products. Last Sunday we had a visitor, Kevin Reid! Just landed at Dulles from Hawaii, jumped in a rental car and came over to see…

New Staff for 2023

When I’m not researching and curating content for my day job as a Global Health Security Analyst for the University of Nebraska Medical Center, I’m a flower farmer! Farming was never in the plans, it just sort of happened, and my husband and I couldn’t be more thrilled. We have 65 acres of a former…

Our First Farm Product

Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup We started with a test batch using a Tobacco Barn Distillery freshly dumped bourbon barrel, and a plan cooked up by our friend Scott Sanders, also known as “the Admiral”, at the Tobacco Barn Distillery. The Admiral had a connection for 100% pure maple syrup from a farmer in New…

First Year Flower Farming Lessons Learned

That’s a wrap on the summer flowers of 2021! I cut thousands of stems over the season in spite of making SO many mistakes. The 2021 flower season began for me in January when I seeded my first lisianthus. I waited for those things to germinate for a month, then tossed the seed tray aside…

The Big House

The big greenhouse we ordered finally arrived at Zimmerman’s and the crew arrived on the farm to put it together in mid-March. The cover is finally on!

March Madness

It’s early March, and Construction in Susannah’s suite is in full swing. A bathroom renovation is underway, and we have plumbers and electricians coming and going all day. We need more people in the house, let’s add a professional wallpaper installer and a crew of landscapers!

Dig if you will, our new well!

After months of disappointing, low pressure, “fart showers” the long awaited well drilling rig rolled into our driveway on a cold February morning. Two days of drilling and digging, we have a new 250 foot artesian well that provides a glorious hot shower that does not stink. Thank you Watson Pump and Well of St….

The Barn Rebuild

The pics above are the barn in the “before” state in late summer 2019. We knew this old tobacco bar was in bad shape, but it was not until we were in the middle of the reconstruction we realized the vines that had grown into the wood were actually holding it up. Extensive termite damage,…

Big Fun on our Little Farm

We have been busy mowing and chipping and clearing the brush from around the barn, and we are finally to the point of barn refurbishment! Our expert Barn Guy, Jeff Thompson of Colonial Woodwrights, has begun removing the rotted side boards, sills, and will replace with locally milled lumber. The small building to the right…