Lavender Fields Forever

It’s cold and gray. Winter is quite chilly in our old farmhouse, so we bundle up in sweatshirts and spend lots of time by the wood stove in the evenings. I have also spent lots of time buying flower seeds for next spring. Soooo many flower seeds! Talking to Jeff, drinking a bottle of our…

Peak Corgi

Last spring we lost our Collie, Buddy. He was everyone’s best friend, except people on bicycles. He did not enjoy bicycle riders. When we were settled in Maryland Buddy slowed way down. He napped about 23 out of 24 hours a day. He would go to work with Jeff on the farm, and nap on…

What a Difference a Year Makes!

We moved home in late October 2019, and the barn and farm were in rough shape. Here are some before and after pics. Before After In November we finally got the permits from the county to clear our first acre of brush, very exciting!

Hell’s Front Porch

It’s official, Susannah’s Watch B&B has finally opened! Kind of. COVID is still lingering, so we decided to open at 50% capacity for as long as it takes to keep our guests comfortable, and safe. So far, so good! In the first few weeks we had a couple casualties, broken tiles, trashed towels, and a…

Pretty Pictures

The end of July brings us to the end of the construction, painting, fixing, cleaning, hanging art, and landscaping! The end of Phase One anyway. It’s time to take professional pictures of this beautiful place in its new role as a Bed and Breakfast. Our designer Kera, of Chesapeake Staging and Interiors, suggested Beth Graeme…

Welcome to Camp COVID

Spring 2020 won’t soon be forgotten, the global pandemic that stopped the entire world in its tracks. We hunkered down at home, donned masks, washed our hands, and got to know our UPS and FedEx drivers really well. We continued working on the B&B installing fireplaces, assembling furniture, and painted miles and miles of wood…

Social Discing and Distancing

Late March brings us to a screeching halt, along with the rest of the world with a Pandemic. The 2019 Coronavirus has made its way to Maryland, and all non-essential businesses have closed. Social distancing is enforced, and everyone is on edge. It’s not too difficult to stay isolated on the farm, we feel very…

March Madness

It’s early March, and Construction in Susannah’s suite is in full swing. A bathroom renovation is underway, and we have plumbers and electricians coming and going all day. We need more people in the house, let’s add a professional wallpaper installer and a crew of landscapers!

Susannah, Et al.

We knew Susannah (Bennett) Lowe’s gravestone was in the front yard of the B&B, she has been there since 1714. I had spent several months looking into the family history of Susannah (Bennett) Lowe and had connected the land records up to the present. The land has been in Jeff’s family since the early 1700’s….

Lost Boy

Around December we started seeing a lone ring necked pheasant hanging round the farm, then our house. Jeff started throwing sunflower seeds for our new pet pheasant we named “Lost Boy”. Every morning around 830 he would emerge from the woods and peck around where the last breakfast was served outside the living room window….